About VETRes

TAFE NSW VETRes is a supplier of textbooks and learning resources, which have been developed by TAFE NSW to support the delivery of vocational education and training. VETRes administration is located in West Region. 

VETRes was established by the Teaching Education and Support Industry Skills Unit Meadowbank in 2012, as a distribution point for the resources they had developed for TAFE NSW. In 2014, the administration was moved to TAFE NSW Western Institute. Under this administration, VETRes continued the development and maintenance of the catalogue, made possible by the ongoing sales of the catalogue.
Now, with the modernisation of TAFE NSW, VETRes is working with the TAFE NSW Product Group to ensure the ongoing supply of quality, compliant and relevant teaching and learning resources.

The intellectual property of these resources are copyrighted to TAFE NSW, and administered through VETRes. Alteration, reproduction or transmittal in whole or part of any resources found in this catalogue, is prohibited without the written authority of VETRes, on behalf of TAFE NSW. At this point in time, TAFE NSW VETRes no longer offers licencing agreements for the VETRes products.